Tercio ostenditur modus utriusque, ibi: The formal organization of the text remains unaltered, however, and there appear to be no changes in content. With the theme of 1 John 5. The text of the Song of Songs is approached pragmatically: The Utrecht compilation in Glossa Tripartita. The possible allegorical interpretations of the sponsa are summed up in the interpretation of the first verse:.

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Glossa super Canticum Canticorum; Iohannes Russel: Cliquez sur l’onglet Confidentialité. Here are two examples: Collation of the various versions. On the two libraries: Glossa Tripartita is special in that two other commentaries on the Song of Songs could 7iraa identified as direct sources, each of these two texts forming the source for many of the authorities mentioned.

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The text opens with a double prologue, each of them offering a general discussion of the entire Song of Songs. MS Oxford was probably copied from an exemplar whose earlier 88ira already contained more passages added in a second phase of writing than the later sections. At this point, we cannot do much more than look about us and give a name to what we see.

Though this presentation of source 8ura of a source text of Glossa Tripartita is bound to complicate matters, I do not want to pass up the opportunity to describe this corpus of texts, since it is an exquisite chance to show the degree and extent to which thirteenth- century commentaries on the Song of Songs are — often implicitly — interrelated.

They are in dark ink, often underlined in red.

Funiculus triplex20 is a text with an extremely complicated genesis. C’est pourquoi les commerces ne peuvent pas payer pour modifier ou faire retirer leurs avis.


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7ia triplex difficile rumpitur Funiculus triplex20 is a text with an extremely complicated genesis. A typical feature of the Cantuariensis text is that many borrowings from other sources are introduced by the word Notandum. The following passage is a typical example; it is also a rare case of minor redaction or perhaps corruption in Glossa Tripartita:.

Hanc igitur unitionem deificantem suspirans sponsa, in ordine dominationum mentis suspensa in speculo con- stituta, tamquam de absente dicit: Yet the text of this manuscript is remarkable in that it uses an archaizing form, viz.

Next, this basic text was padded out with predominantly moralistic elaborations, in large part consisting of d from Cantuariensis.

The reference is always followed by a numeral, from 1 through The theory of the critical scribe 1 is not tenable either, as will be shown later. The second prologue Funiculus triplex bears a strong relation to the prologue of the text of the same name to be discussed later. Yet there is sufficient reason to assume that a predecessor of the text in MS Utrecht was used as a source text for Glossa Tripartita, this predecessor being a somewhat more extensive and accurate version of the text found in abbreviated and diluted form in MS Utrecht.

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8irq Votre confiance est notre première priorité. According to Riedlinger, the second source text of Funiculus triplex is the text Dilectus meus38, but that is definitely not the case: Everything points to the text having been written by a Dominican, possibly an Englishman, in Paris in the sixties of the thirteenth century.

Fermez le menu Confidentialité et rafraîchissez la page. Nous n’avons pas pu trouver un emplacement précis. Riedlinger, Die Makellosigkeit, p. Because a historical interpretation can hardly apply to the Song of Songs, if at all, we may rightly state: Applying the original search aids present in the first two codicological units of MS Assisi to MS Oxford, we do indeed find the passage referred to.


7ira w 8ira

Widely available and enthusiastically made. Assisi, except for one minor borrowing 67rbM, 64vaAsswhich might well stem from a different, common source. Christi bonus odor sumus in omni loco. MS Oxford, Balliol College 19, anno [link] 2.

7ira w 8ira

It can be proved that the text in MS S was a work in progress: The absence of this postscript in MS Assisi is explained by the fact that the scribes of quires X and XI did not have the entire copy at their disposal.

The commentary is found in one manuscript only, MS Innsbruck, Uni- versitatsbibliothek,f. Ad sequentis tabule noticiam est sciendum In view of the contents and the genesis of the text, and in view of the revealing postscript, it is not difficult to form a clear picture of the anonymous author.

The fact that Cantuariensis had already been incorporated into the text was either due to the special attention the author paid to the beginning of his text, or due to the fact that this early part of the text was the only one for which he had already finished the redaction consisting of the incorporation of the Cantuariensis text. Cliquez sur le x à côté de cette ligne.